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A Vas Deferns

✂️✂️✂️✂️✂️snip snip guys!!! This is what you're looking at when you decide to get a vasectomy!!! There are multiple ways to perform this surgery, but basically your doctor wants to prevent sperm from entering through this tube. This tube- the vas deferens- brings sperm from the testicle (where it is made) to the urethra where it is brought to the outside of the body. This plumbing needs to be interrupted in order to stop pregnancy! In this particular surgical procedure, the surgeon took out a chunk of both the left and right side of each vas deferens. Now- the sperm will still be made in each of this guys testicles, but it will not be able to get to his penis! Which is exactly what we want ladies right!!! And for you girls dating a dude or getting ready to date a dude who has a vasectomy who promises you he will reverse it if "things work out"- yeah that's not happening. The procedure is costly and the chances of you getting pregnant are slim to none. This procedure is pretty permanent. Yes, it is true it takes only one little guy to escape and get a girl pregnant- but girlllll you might be waiting forever for that one little sperm!!!

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